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There are also 35 known artificial radioisotopes, the longest lived of which are 179Ta with a half life of 1.82 years, 182Ta with a half life of 114.43 days, 183Ta with a half life of 5.1 days, and 177Ta with a half life of 56.56 hours. All other isotopes haveRead More

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These types of substitutional defects are often referred to as off center ions. There are two different types of substitutional defects: Isovalent substitution and aliovalent substitution. Isovalent substitution is where the ion that is substituting the original ion is of the same oxidation state as the ion it is replacing.Read More

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Bullion coins sell for a premium over the market price of the metal on the commodities exchanges[9]. Reasons include their comparative small size and the costs associated with manufacture, storage and distribution. The amount of the premium varies depending on the coin’s type and weight and the precious metal. TheRead More

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